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We don't just remove possums - That's easy !!! We find all potential entry points & block them off.

1 -  Free Inspection & Estimates

2 - Up To 3 Years Warranty

3 - 10% Off Your First Service For First Time Customers

4 - Safe For Pets/Family

5 - Free Roof Pest Control

6 - Sydney Wide Service

7 -  Friendly, Reliable & Experienced Licensed Technicians

1   Inspection - To Confirm, Identify,

Tailor A Permanent Solution & Provide Free Quote. 

2 -  Possum Proof  Roof -  Block holes that possums are using to get in roof and restrengthen weak points so that possums can't find a way in your roof.

3  -  Possum Removal - Set up either Possum Traps in roof or a One Way Possum Door To Get Them Out Of Your Roof.

Can't Sleep ?

Dogs Barking ?

Foul Smell ?

Noises In Roof ?

Possums Destroying Your Garden ?

Is It Possums Or rats ?

Are They Nesting In Your Roof ?


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Welcome To Possum Stopper Sydney -  Possum Stopper Sydney has a dedicated office of friendly staff that will help with any questions and bookings. This allows our technicians to remain free from unnecessary distractions during Possum Removal. Possum Stopper provides Possum Removal Services in Sydney to meet the individual needs of all Customers.

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