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Possum Control in the Northern Beaches - How to do it Right

Suburbs in the Northern Beaches may be susceptible to possum invasion. So, it is not surprising if you have an unwanted lodger that neither pays rent, nor shows himself, he comes and goes as he pleases but demands to be heard and leaves an unmistakable scent. Judging by the commotion it's making, it sounds like it is doing some serious destruction to your property. What's more, there used to be a quiet scratching, rhythmic and singular. Now there seems to be more of them! That's why the trash bin is tumbled and its contents strewn everywhere. That's why your rose bush is just a bush when there should have been buds! Sounds familiar? You are not alone and definitely not helpless at all.

Possum removal needs to be done by the professionals but it is good to have an idea on what you are dealing with. It is also a good thing if you know that the people you hire are doing it right. Possum control is overwhelming to the inexperienced because possums are part of the wildlife protection laws in the Northern Beaches area and the whole of Sydney, so consequently, they should be treated with consideration.

A positive identification of the resident marsupial should be acquired first. You might need a different kind of exterminator, not possum control experts. A possum box is usually a required, an offering of peace to the possums who you will soon expel from their abode. Construction for the box is available at the nearest NPWS office in the Northern Beaches.

The possum is then trapped and stay trapped but it must be released before dusk. Then it is time to fix holes and other entry points in your roof. Possum removal experts do all this for you. In some cases, a special door is installed, to guarantee that the possums do not get trapped in the already sealed roof. The small door flaps open from the inside but cannot be opened from outside. Genius!

The possum removal professionals essentially possum-proofs your house, then they'll help you make the area around the possum box absolutely possum friendly. You may also consult them regarding the things you need to do to possum-proof your yard. Some of the obvious suggestions would be a fine wire mesh around your rose bushes. If you have trees, you can wrap a 60cm wide galvanized belt around your fruit tree, especially the ones standing close to your house. The tree collar prevents the possums from going back up.

Living with your possum or possums won't be as difficult as when they were living in the roof. If there are any problems, call the possum experts again, that is what the 12 month warranty is for.


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